Club Mission as stated by Toastmasters International We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Officers are elected for one year at the beginning of the Toastmasters year and hold a role to help the club fulfill its objectives. There are 7 roles: president, vice president (VP) education, VP membership, VP public relations, secretary, treasurer and sergeant at arms. You can contact an officer directly via mail to their mail address. For general inquiries you can also send a mail to

The President

The president holds the most important office in a Toastmasters club. She/He is responsible for providing the supportive club environment members need to fulfill their self-development goals, for making sure that members benefit from the Toastmasters educational program, and that the club recruits new members and retains current ones.

Our current president is Ben Pfeiffer.
Mail to: president at

Vice President Education

The office of vice president education is a critical office in a Toastmasters club. The Toastmasters educational program depends on the vice president education to carry out the club’s mission.

The vice president education is responsible for providing and maintaining the positive environment and the programs through which members can learn and grow. If you do your job well, your club will have satisfied members and will continue to grow. Your efforts also will help the club become a Distinguished Club, which should be an annual goal.

Our VP Education is Dominique Lutzke.
Mail to: vpeducation at


Vice President Membership

The vice president membership is responsible for building membership and ensuring a strong membership base by satisfying the needs of all members. This job is vital to the growth and success of the club.

Our VP Membership is Monique Raster.
Mail to: vpmembership at

Vice President Public Relations

The vice president public relation is in charge of the promotional activities for your club, such as the Internet website, the newsletter, the advertisements, etc.

Our VP Public Relations is Michael Friess.
Mail to: vppr at


The secretary is responsible for keeping clear and accurate records of club business, including membership records and correspondence with Toastmasters International’s World Headquarters and others.

Our secretary is Sebastian Hense.
Mail to: secretary at


The treasurer is responsible for keeping clear and accurate financial records of club business and for seeing that the club remains financially stable.

Our treasurer is Lars Droege.
Mail to: treasurer at

Sergeant at Arms

The sergeant at arms is responsible for maintaining club properties, arranging the meeting room and welcoming members and guests at each meeting.

Our sergeant at arms is Aboubacar Konate.
Mail to: seargantatarms at