Area F1 Fall 2010 contest agenda

The agenda for the Area F1 Contest is now finalized

We will conduct 4 speech contests, in German and English
– table topics
– humorous speech.


bis 10:30 Ankommen / Bestellung Mittagessen
10:30 Briefings für Stegreifredenwettbewerb Götz Müller / Andreas Schrieder
10:40 Briefings for humorous speech contest Kelly Brown / N.N.
10:50 Briefings for table topics contest Kelly Brown / Astrid Eichner

11:00 Eröffnung / Opening David Faragó
11:05 Begrüßung durch Contest Chair Julia von Oertzen
11:15 Humorous Speech Contest N.N.
11:45 Table Topics Contest Astrid Eichner
12:05 Stegreifreden-Wettbewerb (dt.) Andreas Schrieder
12:25 Gastvortrag von Peter Mohr: Die Problem-Lösungs-Formel als Story-Board bei Überzeugungs-Reden – auch und gerade im “Stegreifen”

13:00 Mittagessen / Lunch
13:00 Briefings für Wettbewerb humorvolle Rede Götz Müller / N.N.

14:00 Wettbewerb humorvolle Rede (dt.) N.N
14:30 Siegerehrung / Presentation of Awards Julia von Oertzen
15:00 Abschluss / Closing remarks David Faragó

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so at or via email to julia.von.oertzen(at)

Division F contest

Please be invited to the Division F Fall Contest 2010 on 30. October 2010 in the Restaurant Extrablatt, Bürgerhaus Mainz-Lerchernberg, Hebbelstrasse 2, 55127 Mainz

GPS: 49.957007,8.190392

The location is available
– By bus 54 or 68 from Mainz Central Station to Hebbelstraße.
– By car: Autobahn 63 exit ZDF / Mainz-Lerchenberg

Preliminary agenda:
10:15 Briefing of Contestants and Judges for Table Topics DE and EN
10:30 Start
Stehgreifredenwettbewerb DE
Table Topics Contest EN
Wettbewerb Humorvolle Reden DE
Humorous Speech Contest EN
The timing of the contests will be set after the nomination of the contestants from the areas
16:30 Finish

There are still some positions open. Please let our Division governor, Manfred Teufel – christian.toastmaster3(at) – know whether you want to become chief judge, judge or contest master

New edition of the Clarion

The Clarion is the half-yearly newsletter for the Toastmasters of Continental Europe. The volume 13 is out now. Enjoy this interesting and inspiring newsletter !

New picture gallery

Do you want to have an idea of what a regular Toastmasters meeting looks like ? A new picture gallery of the meeting on August 5th was added.

Club contest results

We had a very entertaining and enjoyable evening for the Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests.

The following members participated in the Table Topics:

Max Dynin
Amy Hamilton
Monique Raster
Iris Schleicher
Katharina Weyland

All were given this question to answer:

“Both Toastmasters International and Stuttgart International Toastmasters contain the word “International”. When you hear the word “International” in this context, what does it mean to you?”

We had five excellent answers, but we can only send two people forward to the Area Contest. The winners were:

1) Amy Hamilton
2) Katharina Weyland

Then we had three very entertaining humorous speeches:

Max Dynin – Twaddling Your Turnips with Green Gold
Amy Hamilton – Mistress Amy´s School of Male Logic
Katharina Weyland – Confessions

The results for this contest were:

1) Amy Hamilton
2) Katharina Weyland

Amy and Katharina will be going on to the Area F1 Contest. It would be nice if as many of us as possible could be there to support our contestants. It is also an excellent opportunity to hear other great speeches and interact with other Toastmasters.

Why do you need Toastmasters ?

Distinguished club !

The Stuttgart International Toastmasters Club has reached five of the ten objectives of  Toastmasters’ distinguished club program and hence is awarded “Distinguished club” for the year 2009-2010.

Thanks to all the people who helped us reach this status and let’s do even better next year !

June edition of the Clarion

The Clarion is the newsletter of the district 59 Toastmasters. The June edition was just published.

New officers

The officer election for the Stuttgart International Toastmasters was held this past Thursday, June 17th. Here are the results from that election.

Officers for the 2010-2011 Toastmaster year (July 1 – June 30):

President: Herve Marcy
VP, Education: Kelly Brown
VP, Membership: Monique Raster
VP, Public Relations: Joachim Schwarz
Secretary: Dominique Lutzke
Treasurer: Gisela Plieseis
Sgt. At Arms: Greg Stepehens

We want to thank to the outgoing officers that supported the club this past year:

President:  Kelly Brown
VP, Education: Amy Hamilton
VP, Membership: Monique Raster
VP, Public Relations: Herve Marcy
Secretary: Max Dynin
Treasurer: Gisela Plieseis
Sgt. At Arms: Howard Krout

Fall conference in Barcelona

As mentioned in the previous blog entry, the Toastmasters District 59 Fall Conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain on November 19-21. We HIGHLY encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to not only take part in a very worthwhile conference, but to visit this wonderful location.

If you know that you will attend, take advantage of the reduced conference registration fees until June 30th and register for the Toastmaster’s district 59 fall conference.