Spring District conference in Lisbon

The district 59 conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 20th-21st. It was a very enjoyable conference.

Lisbon is a wonderful city and, after Barcelona, I can say that Toastmasters has pushed me to visit cities I had heard of, but I would have probably never visited otherwise. The see was splendid and the temperature was close to 25°C.

The conference itself was remarkably organized. The stage was the amphitheater of a business school. The two contests were very interesting, but I think what struck everybody was the keynote, given by Darren LaCroix, former TM world champion of public speaking. He gave everybody a great advice. What you need to become a great public speaker is first and foremost “stage time! stage time! stage time!”.

Let’s translate these words into action ! Please volunteer for a role for our next meeting on June 16th and send an email to
vpeducation@toastmasters-stuttgart.com to do so.

Also, the next District conference will take place in Basel, Switzerland on September 3rd and 4th 2011. This is so close to Stuttgart, so don’t hesitate and register today to hear some great humorous speeches and evaluations and have a lot of fun !

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