Club and Area F1 Contests

The club contest in the two categories International speech and evaluation will take place on March 17th at our regular venue (the IBM Klub) at 07:30PM.

The International Speech Contest is basically an “open” speech lasting five to seven minutes. The only consideration is that a member must have completed at least six speeches from the Basic Communication Manual in order to compete. Also, a hint for this speech contest is that inspirational and/or speeches that emotionally move the audience will be a speech that has
a better chance to win. The winner of these competitions has a chance to move forward all the way to the World Championship of Public Speaking at the Toastmasters International Convention in the summer.

The Evaluation Contest is just that, an evaluation of a speech. There is a speech given and then all of the contestants will evaluate that one speech.
All members in good standing are eligible to compete. The winner of these competitions has a chance to move forward to the District Conference in Lisbon in May.

Of course, we highly recommend competing if you are so inclined. It is a good opportunity for expanding your horizons and for personal growth. Please let us know if you would like to compete in either, or both, contests.

But if you decide not to compete, that is ok too. If that is your option, then we really need people to help at the Club Contest and the Area Contest, which will also be held in the Stuttgart area on April 9th at the Hotel Albert in Stetten (Filderstadt). The winners of the club contests from the English and German speaking clubs from Karlsruhe and Stuttgart will compete against each other for a place at the Division contest. As it is with the club meetings, there are a lot of roles to fill to make a contest successful.
Please let us know if you would be able to help !

Check the dedicated page to the contest to learn more about the coming Area contest.

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