All the news related to contests, within the club and outside

Division contest: Max wins !

The division F Fall contest 2011 was held in Bensheim on October 29th.

It was a very enjoyable contest for table topics and humorous speeches with participants in English and German from the regions of Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Frankfurt. The organization was perfect, and our division governor Kees Broos has done an excellent job to keep the contest on track all day.

The great news is that Max Dynin, a member of our club, has won the Table topic contest and hence will compete at the district level i.e.  he will compete against the best table topic speakers from all Europe at the next district conference in Basel, on November 25th !

We will support Max in Basel, we wish him a lot of success and we congratulate him again for this great achievement!

Division F contest

The Division F contest will be held on Saturday 29 October 2011 in Bensheim-Auerbach.

The venue: Parkhotel Krone, Darmstädter Straße 168, 64625 Bensheim-Auerbach (plenty of parking behind the hotel).

The winners of the area F1, F2 and F3 contests will entertain us with their wit and skills to ultimately find winners in 6 events in 3 languages (English, German and French).

We have tried to make the day as relaxed as possible for you by taking care of the hospitality in the following way:

* Coffee/Tea cake available during registration
* Water made available all day
* Choose one of four lunch menus upon registration
* One standard drink to order at lunchtime to go with your lunch order
* Coffee/Tea cake during the afternoon break
* Free WLAN service

To cover all of the above, as well as rent meeting room and equipment, we kindly ask you to pay a registration fee of 28 EUR in cash on the day at the registration desk upon arrival.

The Agenda:

9.45  – 10.30  Registration desk opens. Meet and greet your fellow toastmasters from Division F and beyond
10.10 – 10.25 Briefing Contestants by Contest Chairs and Judges by Chief Judges for the ‘morning’ contests
10.30            Opening and welcome
10.45 – 12.05 English Humorous Speech Contest
12.05 – 12.45 Stegreifreden auf deutsch
12.45 – 13.00 Sujet de Table en français
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break
13.40 – 13.55 Briefing Contestants by Contest Chairs and Judges by Chief Judges for the ‘afternoon’ contests
14.00 – 14.10 Digestion of lunch toastmasters’ style
14.10 – 15.30 Humorvolle Reden auf deutsch
15.30 – 15.50 Discours Humoristique en français
15.50 – 16.30 English Table Topics Contest
16.30 – 16.50 Afternoon coffee/tea break
16.50 – 17.30 Awards

See you on 29th October 2011 in Bensheim-Auerbach to support Max !

Area contest : congratulations to Max !

The fall area F1 Toastmasters speech contest for table topics and humorous speeches took place in Karlsruhe last week-end.
It was a great event, well organized by our host from the Toastmasters Karlsruhe, Leif Frenzel.

Max Dynin has won both English contests in Table topics as well as the humorous speech contest ! Congratulations to him for this fantastic achievement !

Max will go to the division F contest that will happen on October 29th in Bensheim.

Spring District conference in Lisbon

The district 59 conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 20th-21st. It was a very enjoyable conference.

Lisbon is a wonderful city and, after Barcelona, I can say that Toastmasters has pushed me to visit cities I had heard of, but I would have probably never visited otherwise. The see was splendid and the temperature was close to 25°C.

The conference itself was remarkably organized. The stage was the amphitheater of a business school. The two contests were very interesting, but I think what struck everybody was the keynote, given by Darren LaCroix, former TM world champion of public speaking. He gave everybody a great advice. What you need to become a great public speaker is first and foremost “stage time! stage time! stage time!”.

Let’s translate these words into action ! Please volunteer for a role for our next meeting on June 16th and send an email to to do so.

Also, the next District conference will take place in Basel, Switzerland on September 3rd and 4th 2011. This is so close to Stuttgart, so don’t hesitate and register today to hear some great humorous speeches and evaluations and have a lot of fun !

Club and Area F1 Contests

The club contest in the two categories International speech and evaluation will take place on March 17th at our regular venue (the IBM Klub) at 07:30PM.

The International Speech Contest is basically an “open” speech lasting five to seven minutes. The only consideration is that a member must have completed at least six speeches from the Basic Communication Manual in order to compete. Also, a hint for this speech contest is that inspirational and/or speeches that emotionally move the audience will be a speech that has
a better chance to win. The winner of these competitions has a chance to move forward all the way to the World Championship of Public Speaking at the Toastmasters International Convention in the summer.

The Evaluation Contest is just that, an evaluation of a speech. There is a speech given and then all of the contestants will evaluate that one speech.
All members in good standing are eligible to compete. The winner of these competitions has a chance to move forward to the District Conference in Lisbon in May.

Of course, we highly recommend competing if you are so inclined. It is a good opportunity for expanding your horizons and for personal growth. Please let us know if you would like to compete in either, or both, contests.

But if you decide not to compete, that is ok too. If that is your option, then we really need people to help at the Club Contest and the Area Contest, which will also be held in the Stuttgart area on April 9th at the Hotel Albert in Stetten (Filderstadt). The winners of the club contests from the English and German speaking clubs from Karlsruhe and Stuttgart will compete against each other for a place at the Division contest. As it is with the club meetings, there are a lot of roles to fill to make a contest successful.
Please let us know if you would be able to help !

Check the dedicated page to the contest to learn more about the coming Area contest.

Report of the Fall district conference in Barcelona

Amy Hamilton, Kelly Brown, VP Education, and Hervé Marcy, president, represented the Stuttgart International Toastmasters Club at the District conference that took place in Barcelona last week end.

It was an excellent event, and for at least a good reason: Amy has reached the third place of the English-speaking table topics contest ! Congratulations for this amazing performance !

From an organizational perspective, we have abstained to vote for the budget of the district because the assembly could not reach a quorum and any decision would have hence not been valid.

The educational sessions were good to excellent and the quality of the speakers was impressive and extremely inspiring.

It is also a very nice opportunity to meet people from all over Europe.

The next district conference will take place in Lisbon, May 20th and 21st. You can already register and benefit from an early bird for both the conference and the hotel !

Take the chance to discover a new country, new people and great speakers !

Division F Fall contest: victory for Amy !

The Division F Fall contest for humorous and table topics was organized on Saturday, November 30th 2010 in Mainz. It was a very good contest on both English and German.

Amy Hamilton fantastically represented our club: she has won the English table topics contest and hence will compete in Barcelona for the District 59 contest, which means the best speakers of continental Europe ! Congratulations to her !

Here are the videos of her performances in the table topics contest and in the international speech contest: Thank you Amy, we wish you all the best for Barcelona !

Area F1 Toastmaster Contest Results

It was an enjoyable day in Karlsruhe for those of us who attended the Area F1 Toastmaster Contest. Amy Hamilton and Katharina Weyland represented our club very well. In the Table Topics contest, Amy took first place, and Katharina took third. In the Humorous Speech contest, Amy took second, and Katharina took third. That means that Amy will move onto the Division F Contest in Mainz on October 30.

Others from our club attending the contest in Karlsruhe were Kelly Brown, serving as Chief Judge for the English contests, Monique Raster, serving as Contest Master for the English Humorous contest and judge for the German contests, and Joachim Schwartz, serving as judge for all of the contests – German and English. Thanks for their help and support.

We hope that you will consider attending the Division contest and supporting Amy as well as hearing some great speeches.

Area F1 Fall 2010 contest agenda

The agenda for the Area F1 Contest is now finalized

We will conduct 4 speech contests, in German and English
– table topics
– humorous speech.


bis 10:30 Ankommen / Bestellung Mittagessen
10:30 Briefings für Stegreifredenwettbewerb Götz Müller / Andreas Schrieder
10:40 Briefings for humorous speech contest Kelly Brown / N.N.
10:50 Briefings for table topics contest Kelly Brown / Astrid Eichner

11:00 Eröffnung / Opening David Faragó
11:05 Begrüßung durch Contest Chair Julia von Oertzen
11:15 Humorous Speech Contest N.N.
11:45 Table Topics Contest Astrid Eichner
12:05 Stegreifreden-Wettbewerb (dt.) Andreas Schrieder
12:25 Gastvortrag von Peter Mohr: Die Problem-Lösungs-Formel als Story-Board bei Überzeugungs-Reden – auch und gerade im “Stegreifen”

13:00 Mittagessen / Lunch
13:00 Briefings für Wettbewerb humorvolle Rede Götz Müller / N.N.

14:00 Wettbewerb humorvolle Rede (dt.) N.N
14:30 Siegerehrung / Presentation of Awards Julia von Oertzen
15:00 Abschluss / Closing remarks David Faragó

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so at or via email to julia.von.oertzen(at)

Division F contest

Please be invited to the Division F Fall Contest 2010 on 30. October 2010 in the Restaurant Extrablatt, Bürgerhaus Mainz-Lerchernberg, Hebbelstrasse 2, 55127 Mainz

GPS: 49.957007,8.190392

The location is available
– By bus 54 or 68 from Mainz Central Station to Hebbelstraße.
– By car: Autobahn 63 exit ZDF / Mainz-Lerchenberg

Preliminary agenda:
10:15 Briefing of Contestants and Judges for Table Topics DE and EN
10:30 Start
Stehgreifredenwettbewerb DE
Table Topics Contest EN
Wettbewerb Humorvolle Reden DE
Humorous Speech Contest EN
The timing of the contests will be set after the nomination of the contestants from the areas
16:30 Finish

There are still some positions open. Please let our Division governor, Manfred Teufel – christian.toastmaster3(at) – know whether you want to become chief judge, judge or contest master